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1. Where can I obtain a copy of Jeffersontown’s tax return forms?
2. What are the details of Jeffersontown’s Occupational Withholding Tax?
3. Does Jeffersontown have a different tax rate for employees that live in and outside of Jeffersontown or Louisville Metro (a/k/a Jefferson County)?
4. If I pay occupational tax to Louisville Metro am I required to pay Jeffersontown’s occupational tax?
5. How do I determine if my employees are working within the City of Jeffersontown and are subject to the business license fee and occupational tax?
6. Can I get a refund of occupational tax I paid on wages for work that was NOT performed in Jeffersontown?
7. When are occupational tax returns and payments due?
8. What if I missed the tax return filing deadline? Will late payments be charged penalty and interest?
9. Are any persons exempt from the occupational tax?