Planning and Assistance

Safety Planning

A safety plan is a personalized and practical plan that helps identify steps you can take to better protect you and your children at home, school, work and in the community. It can include big changes, such as going to a shelter or changing schools or smaller changes such as changing your e-mail passwords or the route you take to work. Victim Services can provide you a template to create a safety plan and/or refer you to the Center for Women and Families and they can help you make a customized plan on how to safely escape, protect your children, and get assistance and support to enhance your safety.


Victim Services recognizes that victims have emergencies and barriers that prevent them from participating fully in the criminal justice process. If a victim has no other means of transportation and needs assistance attending court, meetings with detectives or prosecuting agencies, meetings with the Victim Services Specialist, medical follow up appointments etc. Victim Services may be available to provide transportation assistance. Please contact Victim Services as soon as possible to schedule transportation assistance. 

Victim Impact Statement

Victims have a right to create a written victim impact statement which contains the extent of the psychological, physical, and financial impacts of the crime in addition to the need for restitution for to the crime. Victim Services is available to help with construction of this statement. For more information visit Kentucky Office of the Attorney General Victim Impact Statements

Assistance filing for Kentucky’s Crime Victim Compensation benefits

Victim Services can walk you through the application process for applying for crime victim compensation benefits. The Kentucky Claims Commission (KCC) is a state agency that administers Kentucky’s Crime Victims Compensation Fund (CVCF) to victims of crime to pay for medical, funeral, mental health, dental or corrective lens expenses resulting from crime. This assistance can also include victim’s lost wages or loss of financial support for someone dependent on the victim.  For more information visit the Kentucky Public Protection Cabinet.  

Court Accompaniment & Support 

In conjunction with Victim Advocates from the office of the Jefferson County Attorney and/or the office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney, the Victim Service Specialist can attend court proceedings (per victim’s request) to advocate and provide victims with emotional support throughout the process.