Victim Services

In an instant, crime can change the course of an individual’s life. Crime can have a long-lasting impact on victims, witnesses, their families and our community.  It can be overwhelming trying deal with the trauma while trying to identify and understand victims’ rights, how to navigate an unfamiliar criminal justice system, and how to locate and obtain support services. 

The mission of Victim Services at the Jeffersontown Police Department is to support and promote safety, healing, justice, and rights for victims and survivors of crime in the City of Jeffersontown.  

Victim Services partners with victims, officers, investigators, and community organizations to provide a network of care customized to meet each victim’s unique set of needs. Our Victim Services Specialist is committed to providing compassionate, nonjudgmental support to all Jeffersontown victims of crime at no cost. Victim Services employs a trauma-informed and victim-centered approach that empowers victims to navigate through the complex criminal justice process while responding to their unique emotional, physical, and financial needs. 

Jeffersontown Police Victim Services Specialist

Our Victim Service Specialist is trained to support victims of crime. She can provide information, support, resources, and assistance as well as explain the complexities of the justice system and the variety of specialized resources available to victims. 

Who can receive services?

Victim Services is FREE assistance to victims/witnesses, with an emphasis on the following crime victims:

  • Child abuse victims (physical and/or sexual)
  • Human trafficking victims
  • Domestic and family violence victims
  • Survivors of homicide victims
  • Assault victims
  • Sexual assault
  • Stalking victims
  • Elder abuse victims