Projects 2 Improve Exteriors

  • 25% funding reimbursement towards approved façade improvement costs up to a maximum of a $5,000 grant per project. 
  • Requires City Façade Improvement Grant Review Panel application approval and applicant’s receipt of the Mayor’s project approval letter prior to start of project. No reimbursement grant will be applied retroactively to work started prior to program application approval.
  • The applicant (property owner, purchaser or tenant with written owner approval) shall pay all design and construction expenses related to improvements of architectural significance to the exterior facades of an existing commercial building with reimbursement to be made after company completes project and provides all required supporting documentation (purchase receipts and/or proof of paid invoices).
  • Eligible Uses (requires completion of a minimum of at least two of the improvements listed below):
    • Exterior Signs (installation of new or repair or replacement of legally installed and permanently mounted signs).
    • Awnings, canopies or sunshades (installation of new or repair or replacement of fixed metal or fabric awnings).
    • Painting or exterior surface treatment (stucco, tile, stone or brick replacement or repair).
    • Repair, replacement or restoration of façade masonry, brickwork or wood.
    • Replacement or repair of tiles or decorative pavers (not in the public right-of-way).
    • Outdoor lighting (installation of new exterior lighting fixtures; repair or replacement of existing exterior lighting fixtures).
    • Installation, repair of replacement of decorative or security fencing visible from street frontage.
    • Replacement, repair or restoration of exterior doors and windows.
    • Replacement, repair or restoration of cornices, eaves, parapets and other architectural features.
    • Entrance way modifications that improve the appearance and/or access to the commercial units.
    • Restoration of historic features.
    • Redesign and reconstruction of the storefront.
  • Company and property owner must be in good standing, current with all taxes due and be subject to Jeffersontown City audit.
Please contact Brian Abrams, by Email or at (502) 261-9697 to schedule a pre-application qualifying meeting.