Mansfield Players

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The Mansfield Players were a local theater group, whose objective was to promote a community spirit and provide an outlet for creative theatrical experiences. The group was named after the home of Henry Watterson, who himself very much enjoyed the theater. It was organized in the spring of 1970, with its own by-laws, officers, and membership. Try-outs for roles in the various plays and jobs as their supporting technical staff were open to everyone in town. Local businesses sold tickets and helped promote the shows, which were staged at the Jeffersontown Presbyterian Church.

Some of the plays put on by the Mansfield Players in the early 1970s were Harvey, Oliver!, The Music Man, The Fantasticks, Blythe Spirit, The Rainmaker, The Miracle Worker, The Importance of Being Earnest, You Can't Take It With You, and I Remember Mama. The Mansfield Players were a source of great entertainment to the people of Jeffersontown.