Henry Watterson Garden Club

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The Henry Watterson Garden Club was organized in April 1954 with 10 members, and grew quickly. The club met regularly to discuss various aspects of nature and gardening, as well as to arrange floral art shows, home tours, and do quite a bit of gardening around town. Through the years, the Garden Club has beautified businesses, buildings, and green space all over Jeffersontown with their plantings and artistic floral arrangements. They have participated in numerous fairs and floral shows, winning countless awards.

According to one of the club's founding members, Mrs. Kathryn Wiehe: " A garden club is really not a competitive club, and the pleasure our efforts have in making the community a more beautiful place for everyone, is the finest trophy or award a club could have." 

The club is still going strong and is now known as the Jeffersontown Garden Club. They are always looking for new members, and would love for you to join them. They meet at the Jeffersontown Library every third Thursday of the month at noon. So if you love to garden, put your talents to good use and join them!