City Hall

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Jeffersontown was officially incorporated as a city on May 3, 1797, making it the oldest continually incorporated city in Jefferson County. The first recorded meeting of the town trustees was not until January 19, 1799, and in March of that year, four of the seven trustees resigned. This prompted the Kentucky General Assembly on December 11, 1800 to issue an act appointing seven trustees for the town. Even then, the Board of Trustees did not hold another recorded meeting for the next two years.

By the 1940s, the Board of Trustees was also referred to as the Town Council, and in 1946, Ida Burdon was the first woman to be unanimously appointed Chairman of that group. James L. Bowles became the first officially elected Mayor in 1953, with the Jeffersontown's rise to fifth class city status.

Early meetings of the Town Council were held wherever was convenient at the time, be it in a local business or residence. In 1940, City Hall was given space on the second floor of the Municipal Building, which was the home of the local fire department. On October 8, 1966, a new federal-style building was officially dedicated as Jeffersontown City Hall, a few doors further down Watterson Trail, where it remains to this day.