Current Events Club

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The oldest club in Jefferson County was organized January 11, 1906, when eight ladies met for afternoon tea at the home of Mrs. Henry Reubelt. While chatting before the hearth about world affairs and the contents of the latest books they had read, the ladies decided to make the meeting a regular affair to discuss whatever current events were going on in the world around them. This was at a time when there were no televisions or radios to keep people up on the news, and the county's first weekly paper, The Jeffersonian, would not even be published until the following year. 

The Current Events Club prided itself on service to the community, and in 1911 the ladies opened Jeffersontown's first library with books donated by people throughout the community. The library was originally housed in the Bruce Building, where Miss Fannie Belle Snively offered her services as librarian for free. The library later operated from a room above the firehouse.