Jeffersontown School

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The original Jeffersontown School was a two-room building located beside a barn and spring at the corner of what would eventually become Taylorsville Road and Eastview Drive. By 1912, the building had become a dilapidated eyesore, and few children were proud of the fact that they attended school there.

In 1910, E.R. Sprowl offered to donate acreage through the Jefferson Heights Land Company so that a new, larger school could be built if the residents of Jeffersontown were willing to pitch in as well. Eventually the town agreed to invest in a new school, and in 1914 it opened at the corner of Maple Road and Galene Drive. The 4-room school housed grades 1-8, although many students continued there through the 10th grade. Most high school aged students, however, attended Male or Louisville Girls School. 

In 1925, seventeen students enrolled in what became Jeffersontown School's first complete 4-year program. Soon the roof was raised to create a second story to the building, but the school eventually had far more students than it could handle. The last high school class graduated that building in 1950, and it reverted to a grade school until was razed in 1978, making way for Tully Elementary School to replace it.