Jeffersonian Newspaper

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The Jeffersonian made its debut as Jefferson County's first weekly paper on June 13, 1907, with W.C. Barrickman and J.C. Alcock as publishers. In 1908, Barrickman sold his interest in the paper to Alcock, who invited his brother, C.E. Alcock, to take over as business manager.

The paper began its life in the Bruce Building, but in 1913 it was able to move further down the street into its own building with the stepped facade, two doors down from City Hall. It was at this time that a popular newspaperman and photographer in Jeffersontown, T.R. Jones, began his career at The Jeffersonian, working as a "printer's devil." 

Jones was sole owner of The Jeffersonian from 1945-1959, when he sold it to Al Schansberg, who merged it with the Voice of St. Matthews. That paper continues to this day as The Voice-Tribune.