E. R. Sprowl

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Edwin Ruth Sprowl was an early entrepreneur of Jeffersontown. He began his career as a traveling insurance salesman and came to know Jeffersontown like the back of his hand. He became an auctioneer and real estate agent, eventually publishing a 1908 booklet on Jeffersontown, "The Coming Suburb."

Sprowl was a member of the Jefferson Heights Land Company, which promoted and established not only the early subdivisions in town, but the Jeffersontown School as well. 

Because of his unwavering interest in the future of Jeffersontown, Sprowl started a "boosters" club in 1909, known as the Commercial Club, to promote the business and community interests of the town. Sprowl was instrumental in bringing several large enterprises to Jeffersontown, including the Jefferson County Bank, The Jeffersonian Newspaper, and the Jeffersontown Creamery. His 1924 obituary stated, "nobody has done more for this town than Ed. Sprowl."