1925 Fire

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Jeffersontown sustained two major fires in the 1920s, the second of which prompted stricter building regulations. On September 3, 1925, at 7:30 p.m., a fire started in the rear and outside of the Jeffersontown Garage, located to the left of where Kute's Liquors now stands. The new fire siren had been installed just a few days earlier, but its alarm did not do much to negate the fact that the fire truck was actually housed in the burning garage. The truck was removed from the garage, however, and water from the old mill pond behind Hewitt's Hardware store served to douse the flames.

Many buildings were destroyed by the blaze. The Stucky and Smith families were completely displaced, as was the Robinson family, who owned the Jeffersontown Garage and lived in a nearby cottage. The fire also affected Dr. Stucky's medical practice, as well as the Myers & Blankenbaker Funeral Home. 

This fire convinced town leaders that buildings needed to be constructed of something more durable than wood frames, so they ordered that terra cotta tile be used for any new buildings in town -- today the home/office of Dr. J.R. Shacklette stands in testimony of this decree.