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The Interurban, a division of the Beargrass Railway, made its first trip to Jeffersontown May 2, 1903. The rail line ran from the city of Louisville down Taylorsville Road, making a loop around the square in Jeffersontown, which was the end of the line. A 'turnaround' marker stood in the middle of the square, and could even be seen in photos taken at the time of the 1921 fire.

Residents of Jeffersontown gladly took advantage of this convenient mode of transportation, handing over their tokens in exchange for a trip to the big city of Louisville -- or to one of the many other stops on the line. Henry Watterson, perhaps the most celebrated person from Jeffersontown, regularly rode the interurban to his job in Louisville as editor of the Courier-Journal.

Because of an increase in automobiles and a decline in passengers, the line was shut down in 1932. It was soon replaced by the Blue Motor Coach bus line, and later TARC.