Building Department


Accessory Structure Restrictions
Affidavit of Assurances
Affidavit of Exemption form Kentucky Workers' Comp Act
(Corporate or Partnership)

Affidavit of Exemption form Kentucky Workers' Comp Act

Building Cross Section
Building Permit Application- Commercial
Building Permit Application - Residential
Homeowner's Building Waiver


Homeowner's HVAC Waiver
HVAC Commercial Application
HVAC Residential Application
Swimming Pool Enclosure Requirements



Commercial Electrical Permit
Residential Electrical Permit
Five-Day Letter
Homeowners Electrical Waiver


Fire Detection Permit Application
Fire Suppression Permit Application
Fireworks (Consumer Sales) Permit Application
Portable Storage Unit or Dumpster Permit Application
Sign Ordinance
Sign Permit Application
Special Festival Permit Application
Code Enforcement
Special Situation Permit  
City Clerk / Treasurer
Open Records Request  Vendor Application Form
Economic Development
Property Tax Reassessment Moratorium Application  
Farmers Market  
2021 Farmers Market Application  
Parks & Recreation
2021 Plainview Swim Center Season Pass Application  (Payment can be made at the gate.)

Planning & Zoning

2021 Land and Development Code Fee Schedule 
Appeal Application and Checklist General Waiver Application
Conditional Use Permit Pre-Application
Nonconforming Rights Application
Conditional Use Permit Application and Checklist
Variance Application and Checklist
Development Plan Submittal Requirements Zoning Confirmation Application
Development Review Application

Police Department

Business  Alarm Application Permit Form  Residential Alarm Permit Form
Public Works  
Public Right-of-Way (Work Within) Application (Encroachment) Rules and Regulations Governing Objects to be Placed in the Right-of-Way
Residential Driveway / Connection Application Objects in the Right-of-Way Permit Application
  Objects in the Right-of-Way Maintenance Agreement
Rental Facilities
The Jeffersonian Rental Agreement     Tway House - Plainview
The Jeffersonian Set up Request Form - Watterson and/or Jefferson Room

Veteran's Park Pavilion Rental Agreement


Revenue / Tax Department

Business License Registration Form B - Annual Tax Refund Application
Quarterly Occupational Withholding Tax Return Tax Ordinance No. 1233, Series 2008
Annual Reconciliation Return Understanding Your City of Jeffersontown Property Tax
Form A - Quarterly Tax Refund Application