Honor Guard

Honor Guard

Formed in June 2004, the Jeffersontown Police Honor Guard is a ceremonial police unit dedicated to upholding the highest values and traditions of the men and women of law enforcement. Officers of the Jeffersontown Police honor guard are committed to representing the City of Jeffersontown and their law enforcement family, both locally and nationally. The Jeffersontown Police Honor Guard honors our fallen officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice. 

They remain ready to serve at the direction of the chief of police and participate at various city and department sponsored events. The Jeffersontown Police Honor Guard is civically minded and remembers our military veterans, as well as individuals and organizations that are dedicated to public service. 

Color Guard

The Color Guard forms the core of the Honor Guard's activity by proudly displaying the national and state colors at various events. The presentation of colors is customary at the opening of various patriotic or sporting events and is often accompanied by the playing of the National Anthem.

Founding Members

  • Sergeant G. Phelps, Commander
  • Sergeant S. Griffin, Assistant Commander
  • Officer F. Burba
  • Officer B. Gingerich

  • Officer M. Koenig
  • Officer D. Miller
  • Officer T. Ralston
  • Officer T. Walker

Current Members

  • Sergeant B. Gwynn - Commander
  • Sergeant S. King
  • Sergeant C. Morris
  • Sergeant D. Gilbert
  • Officer L. Waters
  • Officer Mike O'Neil
  • Officer D. Minniear Jr.
  • Officer M. Carman


  • Hopewell Church Patriot's Day Ceremony
  • Jefferson County Law Enforcement Memorial
  • Jeffersontown City Council Ceremony
  • Jeffersontown Gaslight Parade

  • Jeffersontown Memorial Day Ceremony
  • Jeffersontown Veterans Day Ceremony
  • KACP Convention
  • Kentucky State Law Enforcement Memorial 
For additional information on the Honor Guard, please contact the Police Department by calling (502) 267-0503.