House Watch Program


If you are planning an extended visit away from home, register for the House Watch Program by stopping by the Jeffersontown Police Department located at:
10410 Taylorsville Rd.
Jeffersontown, KY 40299

This is a free service provided by our Police Department by a Jeffersontown police officer to check your home three times a day at various times. We will provide you with a detailed report after you return home.


The process is simple: 
  1. Print out the House Watch Form or you can come by the police station and pick one up. 
  2. Drop off the form at the Jeffersontown Police Department. You will receive a cancellation code when you drop off your form. 
  3. When you arrive home from your vacation, call us at (502) 267-0503 with your cancellation code and we'll cancel the house watch. We will send you a detailed report of our activity at your house.
  • Home is not for sale
  • Must be a house or condominium
  • No apartments
  • No one is staying at the house
Under normal circumstances we will watch your home for up to 14 days. If you have needs beyond this or additional questions, please contact us at (502) 267-0503. We cannot accept house watches over the telephone. You must come in person to begin the House Watch Program.

Helpful Tips

Here are some vacation tips from Jeffersontown Police:
  • Leave a key with a friend / family member in case you receive a package, so it can be taken inside.
  • Place a vacation hold on your mail and newspaper.