Planning & Zoning

The City of Jeffersontown uses the 2021 Land Development Code (LDC) adopted May 4, 2021 to administer, regulate, and enforce planning and zoning within our city. This includes, but is not limited to the use or changes in use of a particular parcel or structure, increases in size of a structure, or construction of new structures. The size and/or scope of these changes determine the level of review required by the LDC. These changes can be to properties that may or may not have existing binding elements, which further regulate their use. Generally, these parcels are part of developments called Detailed Development Plans (DDP). 


While most of these reviews can be conducted “in house” within only a few days, occasionally projects are also required to obtain action by the Metro Louisville Department of Planning and Design. For example, applications for zoning changes and waivers must first be filed with Metro Planning and Design and then for final action before the Jeffersontown City Council. Variances, conditional use permits, and appeals of the LDC are approved only by the Jeffersontown Board of Adjustments. Complaints of suspected zoning code violations regarding properties within the City of Jeffersontown are investigated by the Department of Permitting and Enforcement.

About the Codes

The Kentucky Residential Code and the Kentucky Building Code regulate the construction of residential and nonresidential property within the City of Jeffersontown. The LDC regulates property use (zoning) and addresses the location of the structure in relation to the property lines and the size of the structures in relation to the size and zoning of the property.