Building Code Information

Review Power

The City of Jeffersontown Department of Permitting and Planning reviews all new construction projects within Jeffersontown for compliance with the Kentucky Building Code (commercial) and the Kentucky Residential Code. This review power is granted to Jeffersontown by virtue of an agreement with the State of Kentucky.

Commercial Reviews

All new construction, additions, and renovations (including new tenants) require submittal to the department. This submittal consists of two sets of construction documents (plans and specifications) and one digital copy on USB flash drive. One half of the permit fee is due at the time of the submittal for plan review.

Sign Requirements

Installation of all new signs must comply with City of Jeffersontown, Kentucky Ordinance No. 1266, Series 2011.  This ordinance sets forth standards relating to the construction, erection, maintenance, size, style and safety related features of signs within city limits.

Residential Reviews

All new dwellings, additions, decks, garages, and pools require submittal to the department. These submittals consist of a plot plan (shows house, lot, dimensions, and easement) and construction plans (foundation, floor plan, and cross section).

Some level of approval by other agencies (planning, zoning, and the health department) may be required before a plan review is completed and a permit is issued.

Permit Requirements

To get permit requirements, view Permits, Applications and Fees.