Career Firefighter


•    Estimated Yearly Wages $38,058/yearly (initial probation period)
•    After Probation $42,392.22/yearly
•    Average hours work 52/week (all hours above 40/week compensated @ 1 ½ x)
•    Employer paid health and dental insurance
•    Participation in Kentucky County Employee Retirement System (hazardous)*
•    Participation in KY Fire Commission educational incentive program ($4,000/year/individual)*
•    Paid vacation and sick leave policy
•    Paid holidays and personal time policy
•    Uniform/clothing maintenance allowance
•    Employer paid Life Insurance policy for member and spouse

     * Not applicable to all employees

Minimum Qualifications

•    Minimum of 18 years of age
•    Minimum of a high school diploma or GED
•    Valid driver’s license
•    Liability Insurance, current
•    Satisfactory criminal and employment background check
•    Current (CPAT) Candidate Physical Ability Test Card **
•    Successful completion of a Jeffersontown Fire Department provided physical examination
•    Kentucky certified Emergency Medical Technician (proof of EMT required at time of interview)

**CPAT is waived for Temporary Employment and/or Lateral entry Paid Firefighter (Previous CPAT if hired after 2013)

If you are unable to download or pick up, please email the Administrative Assistant of the Jeffersontown Fire Department.